the challenge

Our longstanding client presented us with a new challenge to innovate and shake up the Ready Recipe category, providing consumers with new, exciting ideas for the creation of family favourite meals and to find ideas that worked in 3 very different markets; UK, France and Poland.

what we did

Looking at insight platforms such as how to help inspire those who love to play with food but aren’t prepared to risk disappointment, we ran an insight and innovation programme generating ideas on how to help families/cooks create tasty family favourites, in a simple yet exciting way which still required a level of creative involvement. With 3 markets, 2 target audiences and 3 very different ‘top 10’ favourite dishes to work with we had a complex mix of variables to handle. We ran a 2 day workshop with all markets involved along with our team of foodie lover brand mentors, plus our wonderful food inventor. The workshop took place in a deli-by-day /cookery school-by-night, where we would physically create prototypes as we went.

the outcomes

Introducing Flavour Shots, which is now on shelves in all major supermarkets nationwide in the UK. The concept astounded all with its Bases results amongst food, to the point that the researchers rechecked the figures.