the challenge

Uncle Toby’s, iconic Australian brand with a broad, slightly fractured snacks portfolio. Nestle asked us to develop a replicable best practice approach to innovation that would fill a 5G pipeline to excite consumers and transform the brand from sleeping giant to nimble leader.

what we did

Using research, trends and foresight to identify 6 insight platforms for innovation. We developed a programme that clashed existing capabilities with the future to create and optimise commercially viable ideas that appealed to our pioneering consumers.

the outcomes

Of 16 concepts, 60% achieved top box in quant, 3 x previous record for the brand. 2 products have gone to market and helped reverse a 7% yoy decline into a 12% yoy growth for the brand. 3 further products are in development and the approach has become the ‘best practice’ approach to 5 G innovation across Nestle Oceania